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FM Reference 25th Anniversary Upgrade Owners' Comments
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D. Johnson:
The FMR25 Upgrade is incredible. I did not know what I was missing, it sounds much more open and the upper and mid frequencies are much, much more detailed, the bass is definitely more controlled, with a blacker background. I was happy with the performance before, but this is on a whole new level. This unit sounds like a completely different piece of equipment, it is so clear, I would liken it to HD TV where you could see a person's skin condition, except I can hear not only more of the music, but the quality of the radio signal. I love it when there is a company that stays in business and is able to keep their products up to date, this tuner is a beautiful piece equipment that makes people go "WOW" with it's aesthetics, and is able to stand the test of time with its design.Please express my thanks to Mr. Day, it was a worthy upgrade, I am pleased as I have a lot of radio time to catch up on.

S. Belleudy (France):
I've been listening almost non-stop to my updated FM Reference that you call 25th Anniversary edition. It is simply spectacular in every way. I did not think the display change would be this much of an improvement it is so bright and now will last virtually forever. And the sound is impressive with a low end that plumbs the depths, a warm middle and a sweet high end, almost tube-like in character but with no rolloff. Thank you for keeping this product current. I am so proud to own this significant piece of history now made modern. (And for those FMR owners who may be considering this upgrade but are "on the fence", I would say this may be the best money you can spend on audio. In fact, I just bought a used FMR25 from the factory for USD$6,800 complete for my office so I can listen to my DaySequerras night and day.)

Evan C.
I just received my FMR25 upgrade and would like to express my sincere gratitude for having my "Santa" gift arrive on time!
  • The sound stage is incredible. It clearly rivals my Oracle turntable and that in itself I believed impossible.

  • The bass depth exceeds my Oracle turntable (I can feel the wrath of God at this point). I have always been dissatisfied with this aspect of my system but attributed it to the turntable cartridge. I always perceived it to be light in this range (but exceedingly superb in the mid-range and above, with a lightning fast response). An attribute I sometimes wondered if it was my "Response 4" speakers. It is clearly now identified as stated above. The source has always defined the outcome.

  • Listening to 96.3 (our local classical station), I was truly mesmerized while listening to Andrea Bocelli - it felt like he was in the same room.
Robert S:
Yesterday, I installed the 25th Anniversary FM Reference in my system and am absolutely delighted with it. It sounds so natural and its sensitivity is remarkable. I live in a challenging spot for FM reception hilly terrain that blocks many FM station signals and the 25th Anniversary allows me to hear LA's big classical station, KUSC. I think this tuner sounds quite different from my original FM Reference - the tonal range of the new one is more balanced. Thank you for a wonderful listening device. Now, I'm not getting any work done because I can't tear myself away from sitting in front of my music system, listening to the FM Reference. I believe the best way to sum up my 25th Anniversary FM Reference is that it sounds more "alive" than any other tuner I have ever heard.

Robert C:
I want to let you know just how delighted I am with the "25th Anniversary" update/upgrade that you had performed on my DaySequerra FM Reference tuner. As you are aware, I had you upgrade my tuner to your "Signature Edition" several years ago. However, the magnitude of both cosmetic, and more importantly, sonic improvement that your latest upgrade has wrought upon my cherished tuner blew away! Cosmetically, the tuner now looks like a modern showpiece, rather than a vintage relic. The "Red, White, and Blue" look against the anodized black chassis is absolutely gorgeous! You were able to take what is basically a close to 40 year old cosmetic architecture and update it to look like it was just designed! I love the blue display and now will use the tuner a lot more than my alternate tuner, as I have no more fear of replacing a scope display!

My alternate tuner is one of your HD models that I run digitally out into a Berkeley Audio series II DAC. I love the sound of this combination. That being said, in its latest incarnation, the FM Reference now has a dead silent background on virtually every station - even in the wide band mode, free from that annoying and distracting "hiss" that has plagued it ever since the introduction of HD radio, and that resultant "self-noise" on analogue tuners. My FM Reference is at once more extended in the highs and lows, while additionally providing a wider sound stage than my digital HD tuner set up. It simply presents much more musically relevant information. Both tuners are fed by a Magnum-Dynalab omnidirectional antenna that was installed in the rafters of my attic. I am running identical MIT Oracle MA-X interconnects from both tuners into my preamplifier. I can level adjust the two tuners, as the Berkeley DAC's variable output allows me to do so. By simply changing the input on my preamp I can perform a level matched "A/B" comparison. The sonic improvement that the FM Reference makes, is easy to hear!

While I will still use and enjoy your HD digital tuner, and the greater selection of stations that it offers, my main tuner has now become my trusted FM Reference 25th Anniversary model! Any owner of the FM Reference owes it to himself to have this upgrade performed. They truly do not know what they are missing without it.

Thank you again for performing this update and allowing me to enjoy an new-found clarity and quietness from my FM listening experience, while looking a beautiful object of art making it happen!
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