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Artist Experience® GEN3 Data Monitor
SHIPPING - Summer 2018
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Artist Experience® GEN3 Data Monitor

DaySequerra’s Artist Experience® GEN3 Data Monitor was especially designed to capture, log and report the entire HD Radio™ data payload for the main and all multicast programs including all PAD, SIS, RBDS and any weather and traffic data as well as HD Radio Artist Experience® images parameters such as time/level alignment, power levels and signal quality. The DaySequerra Data Monitor at its core is a very sophisticated software defined HD Radio™ receiver built on a customized Linux kernel. It is powered by a dual ARM Cortex CPU while data is processed by two separate floating point DSPs each running at 600MHz. 


This Artist Experience® data collection system offers HD Radio broadcasters a set of resources for local, regional and national quality assurance and confidence monitoring as well as market competitive analysis. The DaySequerra Artist Experience® GEN3 Data Monitor provides complete diagnostic measurements for any HD Radio™ FM station, whether an independent operation or part of a national multi-station group.

Can’t Sit and Stare at a Screen All Day?

Don’t worry the FM Digital Radio Monitor has you covered. Just check the logging tab on the web server to see the last 25 LOT items that were transmitted. This includes all repeats that may. All received items are archived in the monitor and stored for later retrieval.

Did All Your Images Go Out on Schedule?

The FM Digital Radio Monitor knows. Check the .CSV log to see that all the transmitted images and their associated repeat counts. Now you know if that image really went out more than one time during the song!

Looking For One-of-a-Kind Troubleshooting Info?

Use the FM Digital Radio Monitor to assist in troubleshooting your problem. The FM Digital Radio Monitor will display what your broadcast is currently telling a receiver to display AND whether your image was ever transmitted.

Don’t Want to be Tethered to Windows?

No worry, the FM Digital Radio Monitor has a built-in web server. All images are displayed for ALL available programs on your station simultaneously. And feel free to click the “AUDIO STREAM” button to listen in from any web browser.


Key Operational Features

  • Complete with Remote Web Server; for simultaneous display of HD-1 and all stations multicasts Artist Experience® and PSD data.
  • iBiquity token controls access to group-specific proprietary broadcast data
  • Ethernet port for network access to all functions 
  • SNMP interface for remote monitoring
  • Balanced AES audio output

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