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M4FM Analog FM Modulation Monitor                                  

Click here for Remote Webserver update instructions

M4FM with Meter Delete option now Shipping from Stock.

DaySequerra’s M4FM is the most powerful and cost-effective FM analog radio modulation monitor available today. Using a state-of-the-art Texas Instruments® DSP running at 350 MHz, all of the M4FM processing takes place in the digital domain.  The M4FM has been specially designed to give perfectly accurate readings with Hybrid Digital HD Radio (IBOC) sidebands present. 

The M4FM is HD Radio ReadyTM and will ship complete with a full 3-year Warranty.


M4FM Key Features

  • Frequency-Agile RF Input  Synthesized FM preselector provides -50 dB quieting sensitivity < 30 dBf (-90 dBm)
  • Built-in RF Attenuator – 30 dB for wide RF input range of <0.5 vRMS to 7 vRMS
  • Worldwide Capable – Complete with user-selectable 100 or 200 kHz tuning steps and 50 or 75 µSec de-emphasis
  • Simultaneous Modulation Measurements – Total, pilot, L, R, L+R and L-R, and all Composite-SCA level measurements with better than 1.0% accuracy shown as integer values on front panel LCD and on Remote Webserver-Meters tab. 
  • Superb Audio Performance  +4 dBm @ 100% modulation with SNR > 75 dB and THD < 0.1%; full-time AES-3 digital audio output as well as a high-performance headphone output with greater than 1W into 8-ohm
  • Email Alerts and Rear Panel Alarm Tallies – For loss of Audio, Carrier and RDS/RBDS; remote reset via rear panel GPI

  • All tuners are RDS/RBDS capable.

M4FM Powerful Remote Webserver

Webserver provides total remote control, display and remote reset from any browser

  • 15 presets with RBDS, network and alarm conditions
  • Audio level signal strength indications
  • Meters tab with Total, pilot, L, R, L+R and L-R, and all Composite-SCA level measurements
  • Complete remote firmware upgrade - tolerant of high-latency networks
  • 1RU Enclosure - Worldwide Capable: AC Input, Tuning and FM de-emphasis

M4FM - Ethernet (replaces M2A-FM Ethernet)

Includes all features of M4FM above and adds:

  • Webserver for remote control and monitoring compatible with most browsers; 15 station presets; no PC app is required; alerts via e-mail

Call +856-719-9900 or email sales@daysequerra.com and schedule your free M4FM demo today!

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