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iLM8 Live Intelligent Loudness Monitor

Differences in audio levels between TV programs, or between programs and commercials, are a constant annoyance to viewers. DaySequerra’s iLM8 Live permits broadcasters to maintain their desired loudness level across all audio programming and minimize viewer complaints.


Key Features of the iLM8 Live


  • ITU-R BS.1770 compliant for industry standards: ATSC A/85, ARIB-B32, EBU R128
  • Simultaneous measurements for 5.1 surround and separate stereo inputs with 5.1 center versus surround effects measurements
  • Standalone operation – no external encoder is required
  • Eight input channels of PCM AES and optional HD-SDI inputs with channel mapping for all 16 embedded audio channels
  • Any eight channels of de-multiplexed SDI audio can be routed to the AES outputs
  • Easy-to-read numerical Measured and Target readouts on vacuum fluorescent display; bargraph LED audio level meters
  • Front panel headphone monitor
  • Ethernet interface for compliance logging and built-in histograms with iLM8 Remote Dashboard software
  • GPIO: Female DB9 connection that allows iLM8 to be monitored and controlled externally


    DaySequerra’s iLM8 Live Intelligent Loudness Monitor measures perceived loudness of eight channels of program audio using the industry-standard ITU-R BS.1770 - latest revision.

    Loudness is a perceptual property of an audio signal when it is reproduced acoustically. It is a complex non-linear function of amplitude, frequency and bandwidth. Current audio level meters measure the level of audio signals expressed as the amplitude of the signal - either the RMS (root mean square) voltage of an electrical signal or the sound pressure of an acoustical signal. Neither of these measurements, although widely accepted, provides accurate indications of how viewers will perceive the loudness of the audio programming.

    The iLM8 Live measures the perceived loudness of eight channels of program audio and displays the results in an easy-to-read numerical format with a moving average over time, eliminating the variations with engineers interpreting traditional VU or PPM indicators (neither of which can measure perceived loudness). Four AES inputs and one HD-SDI input (optional) are provided for simultaneous measurement for 5.1 surround and auxiliary stereo inputs. With the HD/SDI option, eight channels of de-multiplexed SDI audio can be routed to the AES outputs; channel mapping is provided for all 16 SDI audio channels.

    To improve system reliability and up-time, the DaySequerra iLM8 Live uses a robust DSP-based processing platform rather than the PC-based approach used by most other manufacturers to completely avoid broadcast disruptions caused by operating system lockups. The iLM8 Live’s built-in high-performance headphone amplifier allows monitoring of any two user-selected outputs even in noisy background environments. An Ethernet interface provides long-term logging and field software updates capability.

    Applications for the DaySequerra iLM8 Live include network and program ingest centers, satellite facilities; cable head-end facilities, turnaround uplinks, broadcast quality control, and post-production facilities.


    Whether pre-screening content at an ingest point or keeping tabs on the output of a broadcast air-chain, the DaySequerra iLM8 Live is your key to reduce viewers complaints and improve audience satisfaction.

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